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Korean Red Ginseng Sliced Gold

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[DONG IL Co., Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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  • It is the sliced ginseng soaked in honey. It makes it possible for customers to take red ginseng more easily.
  • It is packaged in a pack so that consumers can easily carry and take it.
  • It is very chewy and tasty so that any people regardless of age and gender will enjoy it for snack or with tea.
  • You can put it in tea or drink.
  • It is a wonderful gift.

Raw material name and content

  • 100% 0f Red ginseng(6-year old rooted, from Korea)
    (Mixture ratio of honey liquid : honey(from Korea)-50%, oli sugar -40%, sorbitol-10%))

Method of application

  • Take 1-2slices or put it in boiling water and take it. For children under 10, only 1/3of the dasage took by an adult should be taken. For children under 15, only half of the dosage took by an adult should be taken.

Main products shipping

  • Packing : 20gx5ea, 20gx10ea